1972 Born in Kanagawa prefecture

1994 Aoyama Gakuin University, French Literature, Tokyo

2004 Chuo Graduated School of Accounting, International Accounting, Tokyo

Solo show

 2022    "TBD"

 2018     ”Beyond your Labor" , Tokyo 

 2017     "Tonight, let's see the Moon together", Tokyo

 2010     "Victory" at Setagaya Art museum, Tokyo

Group show

 2021    The 1st Exhibition of "Shining of Rough Stones/Woman Edition", Tokyo

     2021     "21 century art borderless exhibition" in The National Art Center, Tokyo

 2019     "Mixed media exhibition 2019" , Tokyo 

 2017     "Independent New York", New York

 2017     8th EWAAC competition finalists exhibition, London

​​​​​ 2017     "Selected artworks by Art Bridge Fair vol.1" , Tokyo

 2016     "Independent", New York


​ 2017 "Flow of Time - Moon and Sakura-" was selected in 8th EWAAC competition​

 2016 "Moony night" and "Flow of antiquity" were selected in Art Bridge Fair vol.1


 2016-2017     Teacher of art class, Tsukuba (4-12 years old)

 2017-2018     Art Therapy in Child Care Center, Tsukuba, Ibaraki

 2016-2018 Exhibition at the lobby of Park House Tsukuba Kenkyu Gakuen