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She has been drawing since she was kindergarten age.

She was deeply troubled about her 'meaning of existence' and 'female independence' and she spent her adolescence with low self-esteem. 

She wanted to go to her favorite painting path, but she chose to work at a company because she prioritized financial independence. In 1999, she passed  USCPA exam.

She needed the art to live and to work in the company and confronts the relationship between human beings and labor in capitalism.

When she visited New York in 2016, she saw Richard Serra's iron work and was so impressed that she challenged contemporary art and started exhibiting her artworks.

From 2021, she delves deeper into environmental issues, confronts the garbage generated by capitalism, and aims to produce environmentally friendly works.

Solo show

 2018     ”Beyond your Labor" , Tokyo 

 2017     "Tonight, let's see the Moon together", Tokyo

 2010     "Victory" at Setagaya Art museum, Tokyo

Group show

 2022    The 2nd Exhibition of "Shining of Rough Stones/Woman Edition", Tokyo

 2021    The 1st Exhibition of "Shining of Rough Stones/Woman Edition", Tokyo

     2021     "21 century art borderless exhibition" in The National Art Center, Tokyo

 2019     "Mixed media exhibition 2019" , Tokyo 

 2017     "Independent New York", New York

 2017     8th EWAAC competition finalists exhibition, London

​​​​​ 2017     "Selected artworks by Art Bridge Fair vol.1" , Tokyo

 2016     "Independent", New York


​ 2017 "Flow of Time - Moon and Sakura-" was selected in 8th EWAAC competition​

 2016 "Moony night" and "Flow of antiquity" were selected in Art Bridge Fair vol.1


 2016-2018 Exhibition at the lobby of Park House Tsukuba Kenkyu Gakuen

 2017-2018     Art Therapy in Child Care Center, Tsukuba, Ibaraki

 2016-2017     Teacher of art class, Tsukuba (4-12 years old)

2004 Chuo Graduated School of Accounting, International Accounting, Tokyo

1994 Aoyama Gakuin University, French Literature, Tokyo

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