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How many times have you been healed by the scary, clear and cold beauty of the moon?

The moon may have been the most familiar appreciation since ancient times. For humans, animals and even insects, I'm sure it will be the same for 1000 years from now.

Looking at the moon, the axis of the past, present, and future times disappears, the moon connects all lives, the feeling of loneliness is relieved, and a mysterious sense of unity is felt.



We were born in a capitalist society.

As a drop of capital, individual labor is swallowed up and circulated in a society.

People dance beautifully and then fallen.

In the midst of capitalist society, I am fragile like a fallen leaf and I am about to be blown away, so I am strongly attracted to the solid reliability of iron.


The gaze of animals as if they were observing the behavior of human ego bare.

While thinking about the fate of human economic activities, she has supported herself by throwing anger and sadness to the animals on the canvas for unreasonable things.

Human beings have a deep relationship with human beings while keeping a distance from animals, and all lives and beings are connected like a mesh while maintaining an exquisite balance.

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