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My artworks are exhibited at the lobby of Park House (one of the big apartment brands in Japan). The exhibition is for one year until the end of November 2017.
My two artworks titled "Flow of antiquity" and "Moony night" are selected in Modern Art Competition "Art Bridge Fair vol.1"
Those will be exhibited and sold in Promo-Arte Gallery in Omotesando (Tokyo) from February 2nd to 7th, 2017.
現代アートコンペティション「Art Bridge Fair vol.1」に私の作品「寂びの流れ」と「Moony night」の2点が入選しました。
2017年2月2日~7日まで、表参道のPromo-Arte Galleryにて展示・販売されます。
"Owl" and "Chameleon" were exhibited in a group show held in Ashok Jain Gallery in New York. 
ニューヨークのAshok Jain Galleryにて行われたグループ展で「みみずく」と「カメレオン」を出展しました。
I joined "Independent Tokyo", a group show held by Tagboat.
TAGBOAT主催のグループ展(「Independent Tokyo」)に参加しました。
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