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Order production 受注制作

"Thinking dog" 「考える犬」 2017 oil on canvas F10 (53cm×45.5cm)

New artwork, "Thinking dog" was delivered to the orderer.

I put a hat of Joseph Beuys (a German great contemporary artist) which was his trademark and also have drawn with his concept of "social sculpture" so that the children (and his/herself as well) can freely sculpt their future world by their own.

I like the style of order production. As I can see the customer's face and know what kind of person, the style that I can draw closely with the his/her feelings and thinking is really good... I love it.

I wanted to accept order production and write the information to the top page.

I will interview properly, such as what you want to be drawn by me, where to decorate, etc. Also, since both of you and I will take it to completion in convincing manner, the deadline will be set as one year longer (temporary).

The price will be uniformly, 10,000 yen per "Go".


そして、受注制作というスタイル、気に入ってしまいました!!! お客様の顔が見え、どんな方なのか分かった上で、お客様の気持ちや思考に寄り添って描けるスタイルは非常に良いです!


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